So much for my list

I have to go to work today, so it looks like I'll have to do those things on Monday. My husband had to work late yesterday and I normally don't get home until 7PM. Poor Amos had an accident. Next week my husband works late again, so I'll have to remember to call Ralph to walk Amos twice a day rather than once a day. I am sure that is just another reason for Amos to miss his Sissy.

This morning I went down to the cafeteria for some coffee. I've been really tired in the morning lately. I got my coffee, put the sleeve on the cup so it wouldn't be too hot to handle and then put the lid on the the cup. I walked over to the creamer and pushed the pump handle down and creamer spilled all over the lid of my cup. I quickly looked around to make sure that no one saw my little faux pas. Luckily, no one did.

Later I thought about my prior post, and realized the "absolutely nothing" part of my statement was bill paying and folding laundry. Maybe I felt guilty because I was watching TV at the same time and I dragged it out. I did complete the family room and did some deep cleaning that needed to be done. I read a few articles on procrastination and they recommend making lists. Maybe, my lists are too long. So, I'm going to make a short list for the weekend. Providing that the weather is good, I need to trim all the hedges and pull weeds. If the weather is bad, then I need to clean the master bathroom and the laundry room.