I had a massive migraine the last two days. While heavily medicated I managed to finish the fourth book of the Ladies Detective series, "The Kalahari Typing School for Men." I've gone on the internet three times looking up the author's biography and checking to make sure that he was a man. Who knew that a male could have such astute insight into the inner workings of the female mind?

I don't have the fifth book in the series, so my journeys to the land of the endless sky will have to be put on hold for now. I started reading John Piper's "Don't Waste Your Life." I'd also like to read Nancy Pearcey's book "Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity," it seems to be where my thoughts have been directed lately, particularly since the last election.

We brought the dogs to the dog show this weekend in Brooksville. Our friends checked them out and they decided that they will show them both. They are going to take Abraham first, but both of the dogs are too chubby, especially Amos. My husband has been overfeeding them. I've told him before that I thought they were getting fat, especially Amos, but he said that Amos was just "big boned." Unfortunately, his definition of being big boned only applies to dogs, and not humans.