Travel day

Today we had to travel to the east coast of Florida for a hearing. The defense filed 23 motions today, most regarding the death penalty. The defense wanted the judge to declare the death penalty unconstitutional, however the motions were denied. The defense did not want to allow for victim impact statements in front of the jury during the penalty phase. That decision was deferred.

We had to hurry home because I had a dentist appointment. I wanted to go home first and change into some casual slacks and brush my teeth. Amos was not waiting for me like he usually does, but was laying down in the kitchen. When I went in the kitchen I patted him and told him I missed him. Then I left for my appointment. I love my dentist! I love the office! The office help is so nice and professional and the rooms all have a large window that looks out to a beautiful goldfish pond. I laughed and told the hygienist that it was so relaxing to come to the office. Who would think that a person would be relaxed at a dentist office? She said that a lot of women told her that.

When I got home, my husband met me at the door and told me that Amos had been busy while we were gone.

I enjoyed the first episode of Amazing Race. I noticed they stayed in the US and I'm wondering if they will be going out of country. With small children involved in the race perhaps going to some countries would be to much of a chance to take regarding their safety. It was interesting to watch the different family dynamics. Some families have a geniune respect for each other and some do not. The Black family came in last and they were eliminated. They were a very loving family. The parents were very encouraging to the children and you could see how the oldest son would, in turn, treat his little brother the same way. The two little boys were very disappointed when they were eliminated and almost started to cry, but their parents were very proud of them. To see their disappointment made me a little teary eyed too. They were a sharp contrast to the Paolo family, where disrespect seems to be the rule. If those boys continue in their ways, they will make very poor husbands and fathers someday.